“For us, nature is the source of all creation and the origin of our inspiration.” - Linda and Philippe

From the forest to your home, from design to delivery, we put our knowledge at your disposal to offer unique and durable pieces, in perfect harmony with nature.

Our history

  • Meet our family

    CRUSOË was born from a long-standing passion for travel and the dream of sharing our taste for authenticity and the richness that nature brings us.

  • The beginning of the adventure

    Our adventure began in 2011, during a trip to India where we rode an old Royal Enfield motorcycle to discover this beautiful, colorful country, rich in culture and treasures of all kinds. It was an unexpected meeting with French furniture importers and manufacturers based in Jodhpur and a visit to their workshops that was the starting point of a real passion for this industry.

  • A dream inspired from here and there

    It is with the dream of one day making this passion a reality that we continued our respective careers in Canada, France and the United States as Sales Director (Philippe) and Nutritionist (Linda). More than 10 years later, after completing a term in California and Western Canada, we decided to go on a family trip around the world and homeschool with our son Raphaël in order to inspire us to our future professional project.

  • Fate has a way of working things out!

    It was in Bali that we had a second meeting that reconnected us to our dream of launching our furniture company and sharing our passion for travel, culture and craftsmanship with the aim of selecting and designing unique products, eco-responsible and timeless, handmade by designers from here and around the world.

  • From Bali to Saint-Sauveur

    It is in Saint-Sauveur in the Laurentides that we established our company and where the CRUSOË brand is born. We sincerely hope that you will love our products as much as we loved finding and designing them for you.

Our engagements

  • Quality and durability

    We invest exclusively in high-quality furniture and accessories that are carefully handcrafted from natural and sustainable materials. Each piece is therefore a unique work that will delight you for many years.

  • Natural materials

    Our values ​​are rooted in the natural beauty of materials such as teak, suar, rattan and other elements such as stone, natural marble and organic cotton. We celebrate the unique character of the irregularities of these materials in each of our pieces of furniture or decoration.

  • Respect the environment

    We believe in the importance of reducing our environmental impact, which is why we promise never to compromise our standards by incorporating plastic or composite materials into our production process.

The organizations with which we take concrete actions for the preservation of forests...

Social and environmental impact

  • Promotion of craftsmanship

  • Use of eco-responsible materials

  • Reduction of the ecological footprint

CRUSOË works in close collaboration with skilled craftsmen, from here and abroad, who share our vision and our passion for creating high quality handcrafted furniture. Their skill and know-how is highlighted in each piece of furniture or decorative accessory, which are made with the greatest care thanks to traditional manufacturing and assembly techniques.

We use only the finest raw materials, such as teak wood, rattan and stone, and we celebrate the natural imperfections and irregularities of these materials that make each of our pieces truly unique.

We carefully select all the pieces in our collections to ensure that each one is not only pleasing to the eye, but also environmentally friendly and of sufficient quality to be durable over time. We want to counter fleeting trends and ensure the sustainability of each of our creations.

Come meet us!

We want to create a unique experience for our customers, both online and in our showroom. Find us in a warm and welcoming atmosphere to have a good time getting inspired by nature, browsing our collections and chatting with us, it will be our great pleasure to introduce you to the CRUSOË universe!

  • Inspiration and discoveries

    Our showroom is equipped to allow you to admire the unique creations of our artisans.

  • Questions and tips

    It will be our pleasure to meet you and discuss with you to advise you according to your style and your needs.

  • Selection and order

    You can place orders on-site for the furniture and accessories that captured your heart.